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Divine Ray Aura Sprays, Oils and Candles

A range of 11 Divine Rays Lightbody Tools to choose from all unique in their own vibration, infused with a Divine Ray, Light Language, Angels, Ascended Masters and Lightbeings, flower and gem elixars and essential oils, all lovingly channeled and made by me, alchemised under the love of the Moon and the light of the Sun..


These tools are here to support you on your journey.  They can be used for transformation, healing, opening to higher dimensions, accessing information and energies, releasing and protection while raising your vibration. 


Each Ray is designed for personal use and can also be used to clear houses, spaces, buildings and cars. Each Ray is programmed to bring to the surface for healing and clearing, old patterns, programmes, stagnant energy, whatever is highest and best for you to be released so you may live and radiate joy and love, balancing your bodies held within the auric field. The aura sits around your body in layers.  It is an electromagnetic field which holds information about yourself, any emotions and also any lower vibrations you may have picked up from being around people or places in your day to day life.


They come as an aura spray which is sprayed into your aura; an anointing oil to be placed on your chakras, in an oil burner or the bath or where you are guided to on your body and; candles to radiate the divine light of the Ray into your space.  Great for meditation!

Close your eyes, centre yourself and go into the stillness of your heart.  Call on your guides of 100% pure light and love who love you unconditionally to help you find the Ray that is highest and best for you at this time.  

Tune into the colour your heart chooses for your soul's journey at this time. It may come as a flash of colour in your mind's eye, you may see a lot of one colour vibrantly poking out at you as you go about your day.  Know that there is no right or wrong answer.  Your guides will show you what you need:


The Silver Ray - The Ray of the Goddess

The Violet Ray - The Ray of Divine Transmutation

The White Ray - The Ray of Source

The Pink Ray - The Ray of Unconditional Love

The Green Ray - The Ray of Abundance

The Gold Ray - The Ray of Mastery

The Orange Ray - The Ray of Creativity

The Yellow Ray - The Ray of Divine Realisation

The Blue Ray - The Ray of Sacred Translation

The Indigo Ray - The Ray of Awakening

The Red Ray - The Ray of Strength


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