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  Light Language
Activation for Ascension


Into Angelic Light

60 min $120

Are you feeling stuck in a particular pattern, belief or area(s) of your life?  Are you experiencing a 'knowing' that something of greater awareness is happening to you and this planet?  This is the time for expansion and growth on other levels and this affects us on a cellular and DNA level within the body. To shift awareness our way of thinking needs to be aligned with our divine soul essence.  Therefore old thought patterns and behaviors which no longer serve us need to be released. This healing is always done at the right speed for your souls journey.  You are never given more than what your soul is ready for as the energy has its own innate wisdom. 


What is a Galactic Light Code?

These are energetic symbols channeled through me by speaking and painting the Language of Light from beings of unconditional love. 


Held within these codes is the Language of Light which is a universal language spoken by the soul.  When spoken and drawn through me these codes are activated within you like turning on a switch.  They bring through the frequencies of light, sound, information from the cosmos and sacred geometry for your ascension and return to your divine birthright, the place of love and connection in your heart.  

You may not know what the codes mean however you do not need to as they bypass the ego mind and speak directly to your divine soul aligning you to greater clarity, awareness, awakening, connection and insight.

Included in this session:

You will receive a personalised Light Activation Symbol painting tailored to your needs for you to take away and work with.  During this session I will connect with my Source Team and Lightbeings and we will chat using the colours and symbols through the painting, taking a deeper look at what may be holding you back emotionally, physically or mentally from experiencing what you would like in your life.  


I go through the symbols and read each symbol with you picking up any energy that may need healing and integrate the symbols into your fields with Light Language, energy healing and Lightbody Divine Ray Sprays, assisting you to shift your frequency, align with your purpose and remove old patterns and beliefs. 


This allows you to travel through dimensions, awakening deep transformation to release what no longer serves you, opening up the layers of your heart where over lifetimes defense and protection mechanisms are created which block your connection to the Divine.  By transmuting and dismantling these barriers your soul can be illuminated and experience your innate self-worth, passion and love creating balance, clarity and harmony in your life.

During your session I welcome any questions you have.  Your reading is a time to heal and surrender to the divine love that is always with you.


Get in touch with me or book online to see how I may support you on your ascension journey.



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