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  Space Clearing

The Cosmic Heart Readings

90 mins to 2 hrs 

From $200 - $250 PLUS travel

I try to keep passing on travel costs to a minimum for you therefore I charge by the time I am with you doing the clearing plus a minimum of $30 to travel to you depending on where you are located

Your house and work space holds vibration and energy.  Spring cleaning and removing clutter is a great way to clear stagnant energy.  If you have tried clearing the space and are still finding something not feeling right a space clearing and healing session may benefit you.

Energetic blueprints may be left from those that have resided or had anything to do with the property in the past. Family passing away in a room, illness, anger, disagreements, depression or lower energy thoughts can all be held within the space.  This energy keeps piling into a mesh of energy which  can leave people feeling drained, angry at themselves or eachother, kids arguing or not sleeping, pets unhappy, illness, procrastination, people's emotions turning on like a switch when in a particular area or room. 


Healing may also be helpful for family members, including pets! 

Bring balance, harmony and healing to your space.  'Own' your space, create your sanctuary again.  

Speak with me today by contacting me to book supporting you to create your space of serenity.

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