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Integrated Light Healing

(Reading/Healing/Reiki or Massage Combined)

The Cosmic Heart Readings

$170 (90 mins)

$240 (2 hours)

This has become one of my most popular sittings, with clients from near and far scheduling sessions with me.  This divine offering provides nurturing and space to receive guidance and also physical restoration.


During this integrated offering Soul Guidance through a sitting with my Source team and your Guides or as a Medium sitting with loved ones across the veil can provide insight and higher perspective, aligning and opening you to potential, possibilities, healing and clarity.  Also including an energy healing to assist in the removing blocks in energy and integrating simple practical tools to assist you in your daily life, with either a massage to release tension held in the body or receive Reiki to balance your being or both if that is what your Soul needs. As with all of my offerings, being open to the outcome before you arrive awakens a truly magical experience.


Curious to learn more? Click below to get in touch with me today or book online to see how you can be supported on your journey.

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