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The Cosmic Heart Massage

Holistic Massage

60 min $120

90 min $170


A restorative healing on all layers of your being

Are you in a state of mental, emotional or physical exhaustion, feeling tension held in your body or need to switch off for a while while promoting well-being?


Holistic massage treats your body as 'whole'.  It is a therapeutic application of touch that is relaxing while also being supportive. 

My gifts allow me to sense energy blocks and patterns in the body while massaging, which if given permission to move can release layers of tension and promote wellbeing on all levels and layers of your being.

I specifically tailor each session to you treating you as 'whole' encouraging your mind to slow down while energy within the body is increased. Your emotional and spiritual well-being is taken into account as well as your physical body. I work 'with' you rather than just 'giving' you a massage treatment.


Natural carrier oils and blends of essential oils (if requested) are applied to the skin using a wide range of massage techniques from deep tissue to subtle energy work.  Applied strokes such as kneading, stretching and frictions are used to relax tense muscles and release fibrous tissue.


Providing an authentic space for you to benefit from improved health and relaxation creating sleep support, deeper breathing, increased blood circulation, waste removal, headache relief and releasing muscular tension and various aches and pains in the back, neck and shoulders are just some of the benefits of massage therapy.  This allows you to bring your whole being, mind, body and spirit back into balance.

Adults and children benefit from holistic massage.  I work with all of my clients on a deep, emotional level, understanding exactly what you need, tailoring a treatment that is unique to you.

Speak with me today or book online to see how I may support you.

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