Are you in need of guidance, clarity or nurturing or closure?  

You don’t need to face life's challenges alone.  In all my experience working with others and on myself, I know the wisdom is deep within, simply needing guidance to find the answers inside to live life as the authentic self.


I am honoured to be a channel and bridge for pure Divine light authentically sharing my gifts with you on your soul's journey.


All of my services are uniquely tailored to you in an empowering and unconditionally loving way providing you with what you need in your life at that moment.   Please take a look at my range of services - soul guidance readings, healings, Reikimassage, space clearings, crystal elixars and aura sprays for when you need extra support on your soul's journey. 


I work from Palms Skin Studio, 380b Jackson Street, Petone, Wellington Monday to Friday and up to two Saturdays a month. 

Gift vouchers in any amount and for all services are available to purchase if you have someone in mind that is in need of nurturing.


All readings are available by Skype, phone or Facebook video for overseas clients or if you do not live near my healing rooms.


I also provide house and space clearing where I will travel to you.  Please call me personally to arrange a time and for prices.


Please browse my services below.  All services can be booked online where available days and times will be automatically shown for you or feel free to phone, text or use the contact me page of this site.


I look forward to connecting with you. 



60 min $100

Child Healing (First Consultation & Session) 45 min $85

Child Healing (Second Session On-wards) 30 min $60

Get back to your natural balanced self and in touch with your own spirituality with this wonderful gentle healing for all ages including our dear animals who share this earth journey with us.

Reiki is a Japanese healing art to release stress, provide relaxation and promote healing to the body. Rei (Universal or Higher Power) and Ki (Life Force Energy).  


Bring balance and harmony to your being through pure channeled energy brought through my hands.  We all have energy centres called chakras that spin at different speeds or frequencies in our body.  When we become out of balance in mind or the body shows up physical pain or disease, our chakras may be blocked or 'bogged down' with stuck energy. My hands are placed on your body re-aligning your chakras and energy field encouraging your body to realise it's own self-healing capabilities.

I have been practicing Reiki for over 11 years.  I can honestly say it is such a big part of who I am. I give myself daily Reiki to assist with my energy flow and wellbeing. I have experienced first hand how beneficial it is for many aspects of our lives and I have been so blessed to be the conduit of this beautiful energy.  I am so honoured to be asked to be a part of the healing journey and support for many clients from babies to being the guiding support for those also nearing the end cycle of their life on earth.   

Working with children is something I am very passionate about.  Children are so sensitive to energy and can quickly pick up on environments around them.  I have worked with many children to support them with anxiety, disturbed sleep, weight issues, headaches or not feeling comfortable with who they are.  If you prefer, a child and parent/guardian healing can be held in one session.

Spirit Art



Space Clearing

House/Space Clearing at The Cosmic Heart

Space Clearing

30, 60  or 90 mins, 2 hrs 

From $50 - $200 PLUS travel 

Please call to book and arrange price plus travel

I try to keep passing on travel costs to a minimum for you therefore I charge by the time I am with you doing the clearing plus the distance for me to travel to you

Your house and work space holds vibration and energy.  Spring cleaning and removing clutter is a great way to clear stagnant energy.  If you have tried clearing the space and are still finding something not feeling right a space clearing and healing session may benefit you.

Energetic blueprints may be left from those that have resided or had anything to do with the property in the past. Family passing away in a room, illness, anger, disagreements, depression or lower energy thoughts can all be held within the space.  This energy keeps piling into a mesh of energy which  can leave people feeling drained, angry at themselves or eachother, kids arguing or not sleeping, pets unhappy, illness, procrastination, people's emotions turning on like a switch when in a particular area or room. 


Healing may also be helpful for family members, including pets! 

Bring balance, harmony and healing to your space.  'Own' your space, create your sanctuary again.  

Speak with me today by contacting me to book supporting you to create your space of serenity.



380b Jackson Street, Petone, Wellington, 5012

(Entrance to the Studio is on Cuba Street)

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