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The Cosmic Heart Massage

Pregnancy Massage

60 min $120

As a mum to be it is important to take time out and give nurturing attention to yourself.  This is a time when the mum to be goes through many changes emotionally and physicially.

During this massage I treat your body as 'whole' enabling you to relax and connect, focusing on you.  It is a therapeutic application of touch that is relaxing while also being supportive. 

Pregnancy massage can support you through and is wonderful for:

  • Lower back and hip tension, pain and aching

  • Tension in neck and shoulders 

  • Relieving muscular discomfort, leg cramps, sciatica, joint pain

  • Providing calming and relaxation to your mind, body and spirit

  • Improving your quality of sleep allowing you to feel more energised during the day

  • Reliving stress and emotional tension and providing nurturing support by stabalising hormone levels caused during pregnancy

  • Improving blood circulation providing more nutrients and oxygen to mother and baby

I specifically tailor each session to you.  During this special time your emotional and spiritual well-being is taken into account as well as your physical body. I work 'with' you rather than just 'giving' you a massage treatment.


Natural carrier oils are applied to the skin using a range of massage techniques and subtle energy work. I will position you and work with the most comfortable position for you either lying on your side supported by pillows or in a chair with pillows supporting you and your baby and you leaning on the table.   

I provide an authentic space for you to benefit from improved health and relaxation allowing you to bring your whole being, mind, body and spirit back into balance.

I work with all of my clients on a deep, emotional level, understanding exactly what you need, tailoring a treatment that is unique to you.

Speak with me today or book online to see how I may support you.

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