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The White Ray activates and strengthens the opening of your crown chakra to your Stella Gateway connecting to Source, All That Is.  When we are connected to All That Is a sense of peace floods our being.  Your Merkabah of light that surrounds your body, is your divine light vehicle to connect with the higher realms.  The White Ray connects and surrounds this sacred geometary, (an octehedron of light) to align your mind, body and heart together.  When you feel off centre and need to expand your awareness and connection to all things in the protected realm of the Angels, the White Ray will bring you home, to your divine birthright.  A place of love, joy and peace.


Infused with crystal elixar of Clear Quartz (clarity, light embodied, amplification, purfication, life path) Smokey Quartz (earth light, physical embrace of divinity, grounding, release, healing).  Selenite (spiritual guidance, high light force, activation).


Invoked Jesus' (Lord Sananda) energy of clarity and pure love to feel the love of the Divine, the loving and strong embrace of Isis the Goddess of balance, creation, fertility and motherhood and Osiris, male action and death and rebirth of patterns, releasing the old with his strong energy. Infused with Light Codes of the Council of Light to bring connection and unity, assisting in your ascension, holding more light in your body.






The White Ray - The Ray of Source

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  • A high vibration Lightbody Tool to support the mental, emotional and physical body while raising your vibration to the level of light.  


    An auric spray holding the vibration of a powerful invocation layered with Light Energy placed within each word.  These invocations are encoded phrases of Light, therefore it is advised not to change the words.  


    Each Lightbody spray is designed to to clear away stagnant energy held within the auric field and support you in building your Lightbody, embodying Spirit, healing and balancing your bodies and walking the path of Love and Joy back to your Divine birthright.  


    Infused with a Divine Ray, Light Language, Angels, Ascended Masters and Lightbeings, flower and gem elixars and essential oils, these Tools can be used for transformation, healing, opening to higher dimensions, accessing information and energies, releasing and protection.


    Each Tool has been lovingly channeled through me and alchemised under the love of the Moon and the light of the Sun.


    How to Use:  

    Tap the bottom of the bottle 3x to shake and activate.  Say the invocation on the bottle and spray into your aura, around your head, around your abdomen, legs, arms, feet, hands wherever you feel guided - tune into your higher self and use your intuition, be guided as to when and where you need to use the spray.


    Spray before having a bath or shower and surrender to the invocation, allowing cleansing and release through the energy of the spray and the water.  


    Spray in your car and in your house to cleanse and balance stale energy.


    Please note:  These tools are for spritual light integration.  Using these vibrational tools does not replace medical treatment.


    Sprays act quickly and are especially helpful when you may feel out of balance or off centre. 



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