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Hello and a warm welcome.  I am Ricki of The Cosmic Heart, Dancer of Light

This is my blessing for you:

"As you awaken and transform

May your heart feel soothed and begin to heal,

May your mind be refreshed and balanced,

May your body anchor to grounding and be filled with courage; and

May the power within your belly move you fearlessly forward on your path."


Whether this is the first time you have been guided to this page or you are revisiting, I am here to support as humanity moves through this time of great transformation and change.  You are not alone on this journey.  I am blessed with the opportunity to share my gifts with you, creating a sacred authentic space for your transformational healing and empowerment. 

You may be at a moment in your life where a deep knowing in your heart is guiding you to heal and blossom in all aspects of your life.  My path is to serve Divine Love as a conduit and teacher for divine love to support and empower you to understand your gifts, to access your own power, strengths and most of all your own truth to trust and take action on your intuition. 

My divine offerings are to receive insights, higher perspective, clarity of possibilities and choices for your highest good from the highest Divine and Sacred Beings of Light, Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters, activating energy clearing,  balancing and healing on all levels - physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically and dimensionally. 

I am blessed to be a messenger for loved ones across the veil aligning healing for both sides of the veil.

I choose not to put a label or limitation on what I do.  As we sit in sacred space together I listen to the subtle whispers of loving wisdom from the Universe bringing a truly awakening experience through any healing session you choose.  I call it "Dancing with Light".

All of my offerings are uniquely tailored to you when we sit together revealing what you need for your highest good at that moment guided by Source.  Please take a look at my range of offerings and healing remedies.  You may not specifically know what it is you need.  The guidance is not to worry about the name of the session so much, to go with your heart, your Soul is choosing for your growth.  You will never wrongly choose.


Soul Guidance and Healing

Medium Sittings

Reiki Healing and Energy Clearing and Healing

Teaching of Reiki Level 1, 2, 3 

Holistic Massage

Space clearing

Take home Divine Ray remedies lovingly created by me when you feel you need extra support are -

Aura and Energy Clearing Sprays, Annointing Oils

There are no boxes when I work and being open to the outcome is when the healing unfolds. Please feel free to contact me to chat about what may be best for you.  

My healing room is at Palms Skin Studio 380b Jackson Street, Petone, Wellington - Monday to Friday 10am - 3pm


All sittings are available by Zoom or phone if you do not live near my healing room or are unable to physically be there. 


On special circumstances if you or a loved one is bed ridden or in hospital care and are in need of healing I can travel to you (additional travel fees apply, please ask for a price).

I also provide house and space clearing where I will travel to you.  Please contact me personally to speak about what it is you need.  

All treatments can be booked online through this site.  Available days and times will be shown for you or feel free to phone me to book instead or if you have any questions with booking in. 

I look forward to supporting and connecting with you. 

Love and blessings


Soul Guidance & Medium Readings

Soul Guidance provides a sacred space for you to align to your soul's higher vibrational resonance where there is no human ego. This allows messages and healing from divine guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, Star Beings and loved ones across the veil to bring to your awareness what is needed in your life to shift, bringing balance and harmony to all areas of your life. All sittings can be in person or via Zoom or phone. Click to find out more...

Integrated Light Healing

One of my most popular services when you are in need of guidance and restoration on all levels of your being. Soul Guidance for clarity, massage to release tension and/or Reiki to balance and heal. Simply Divine!


Are you feeling out of balance on a mental, emotional, physical and/or spiritual level?   Reiki is a gentle and non intrusive natural system of hands on energy healing for all ages including animals. Pure channeled Universal energy is brought through my hands, stimulating your body's energy allowing your energy centres to flow freely, removing blockages therefore promoting healing within your being. Click to find out more.

Massage/Pregnancy Massage

Relax the mind, unwind the body, revive the soul through this therapeutic application of massage therapy treating your body as 'whole'. Your mind is encouraged to slow while energy in the body is increased. It is relaxing while also being supportive.  Many benefits include relaxation, improving sleep, deeper breathing, increased circulation, assisting with tension headaches. A wide range of massage techniques are used from gentle to deep tissue and subtle energy work. Click to find out more.

Light Language Reading/Drawing

Light Code drawings/healings are energetic symbols channeled through me by speaking and painting the Language of Light from beings of unconditional love.  Held within these codes are the Language of Light which is a language understood by the soul. This coding goes past the human ego mind speaking directly to your divine soul aligning you to greater clarity, awareness, awakening, connection and insight. Click to find out more.

House and Business Clearing

Houses, buildings, businesses hold vibration and energy which can effect the way you feel. Energetic imprints from previous people can be left in spaces. Spaces may need cleansing and blessing when people have passed away. A space clearing will enable you to feel at peace and 'own' your space again. Click to find out more...


Reiki Courses 


As a healer and teacher I am blessed to share the wisdom and love of the Divine, being a bridge of light with as many as people as possible.  

For this purpose I love teaching courses for those who are interested in the spiritual world and would like to learn more about themselves and their life decisions.

Please look at my Reiki courses page for any upcoming courses I am teaching during the year and more information.

Upcoming dates

Reiki Level 1

Friday 7th & Friday 14th June(fully booked)

Friday 9th & Friday 16th August (spaces still available)

Reiki Level 2

Friday 20th & Friday 27th September

Friday 6th & Friday 13th December

Divine Ray Aura & Energy Clearing Sprays, Crystal Remedies 

A range of 11 Divine Rays Lightbody Tools to choose from all unique in their own vibration, infused with a Divine Ray, Light Language, Angels, Ascended Masters and Lightbeings, flower and gem elixars and essential oils, all lovingly channeled and made by me, alchemised under the love of the Moon and the light of the Sun..


These tools are here to support you on your journey.  They can be used for transformation, healing, opening to higher dimensions, accessing information and energies, releasing and protection while raising your vibration. 


Each Ray is designed for personal use and can also be used to clear houses, spaces, buildings and cars. Each Ray is programmed to bring to the surface for healing and clearing, old patterns, programmes, stagnant energy, whatever is highest and best for you to be released so you may live and radiate joy and love, balancing your bodies held within the auric field. The aura sits around your body in layers.  It is an electromagnetic field which holds information about yourself, any emotions and also any lower vibrations you may have picked up from being around people or places in your day to day life.


They come as an aura spray which is sprayed into your aura; an anointing oil to be placed on your chakras, in an oil burner or the bath or where you are guided to on your body and; candles to radiate the divine light of the Ray into your space.  Great for meditation!



Close your eyes, centre yourself and go into the stillness of your heart.

Tune into the colour your heart chooses for your soul's journey at this time. It may come as a flash of colour in your mind's eye, you may see a lot of one colour vibrantly poking out at you as you go about your day.  Know that there is no right or wrong answer.  Your guides will show you what you need:


The Silver Ray - The Ray of the Goddess

The Violet Ray - The Ray of Divine Transmutation for Clearing and Protection

The White Ray - The Ray of Source

The Pink Ray - The Ray of Unconditional Love

The Green Ray - The Ray of Abundance

The Gold Ray - The Ray of Mastery

The Orange Ray - The Ray of Creativity

The Yellow Ray - The Ray of Divine Realisation

The Blue Ray - The Ray of Sacred Translation

The Indigo Ray - The Ray of Awakening

The Red Ray - The Ray of Strength


What my clients are saying...

I have had a couple of reading/healing sessions with Ricki. She has an amazing gift for being able to tap into exactly what is happening in your life on a deeper spiritual level. If you are wanting change and your feeling stuck, she will help you to move forward.
I also use her Aura Sprays which smell divine and I have experienced great support and balance from using these whilst going through the changes of life.
Ricki is a beautiful, compassionate, gentle, gifted soul who is very professional in her work and I would highly recommend her if you are wanting to dig deeper on your spiritual journey.

Julia Fausett, Morrinsville

"Just wanted to say thank you for my appointment, session, healing last night and given I did not know what i wanted it all worked and I feel good, strong and clear and certainly needed the added protection for when I got home, so again thank you very much."



Hi Ricki,
Just a quick note to thank you for your wonderful gifts. I was looking for a massage a year or so ago and someone recommended Ricki - Wow!
I now have a massage once a month, the massage also includes a wonderful healing - covering mind, body and spirit. I have recommended many friends who also see Ricki on a regular basis.          

J Bura

Ricki guided me through my Rieki Master level and from the moment we met I knew I was in safe and loving hands. She is such an inspirational and gentle soul who will make your spirit soar.    

Neil, Norfolk, UK

I started my Reiki journey with Ricki four years ago when I did my Level 1 with her. Since then a whole new world has opened up for me and Ricki has given me loving support and guidance along the way.
She has amazing gifts and talents that never cease to amaze me. What Ricki offers is far more than Reiki, you can't put a label on it. Thank you Ricki.

C Carey

The Cosmic Heart Opening Hours

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I work in my healing room out of Palms Skin Studio, Petone, Wellington.  The entrance to the studio is on Cuba Street near the lights.  Parking is available on Cuba Street.  

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