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The Indigo Ray activates and strengthens the opening of your third and fourth eyes, the intuitive gateway to higher connection, your Divine birthright to love's domain.  Unlocking doors once hidden, turning fear to love, communication with the eternal voice of Spirit, remembering who you are - your Divine self awakened to shine your light.  Assists in removal of past blocks allowing you to 'seeing, know, feel clearly'.  


Crystal elixar of Iolite (vision, clairvoyant, psychic and intuitive abilities, self-responsibility) Selenite (spiritual guidance, higher self connection), Herkimer Diamond (oneness, alignment).


Infused with the loving energy and light codes of the Arcturians and Atlantean third eye energies. Invoked with the loving energy of Ascended Master Merlin to assist you in re-connecting to the magic within.  






The Indigo Ray - The Ray of Awakening

  • A high vibration Lightbody Tool to support the mental, emotional and physical body while raising your vibration to the level of light.  


    An candle holding the vibration of a powerful invocation layered with Light Energy placed within each word.  These invocations are encoded phrases of Light, therefore it is advised not to change the words.  


    Each Lightbody candle is designed to to clear away stagnant energy held within the auric field and support you in building your Lightbody, embodying Spirit, healing and balancing your bodies and walking the path of Love and Joy back to your Divine birthright.  


    Infused with a Divine Ray, Light Language, Angels, Ascended Masters and Lightbeings, flower and gem elixars and essential oils, these Tools can be used for transformation, healing, opening to higher dimensions, accessing information and energies, releasing and protection.


    Each Tool has been lovingly channeled through me and alchemised under the love of the Moon and the light of the Sun.


    How to Use:  

    Say the invocation on the candle and light to invoke the divine rays within your room and home.


    Light the candle before having a bath or shower and surrender to the invocation, allowing cleansing and release through the energy of the light and the water.  


    As with all candles do not leave unattended while burning.  Only burn for a maximum of 3 hours at a time.  Place on a candle plate while burning.


    Please note:  These tools are for spritual light integration.  Using these vibrational tools does not replace medical treatment.





  • Postage and Shipping available within New Zealand.


    Non rural areas -

    Not tracked - $4.00 (Parcel Post Up to 3 business days)

    Tracked - $5.50 (Parcel Post up to 3 business days)

    Couriered - $7.00 (next working day)

    Courier and Signature $10.00 (Next working day)


    Rural delivery -

    Not tracked $4.00 (Parcel Post Up to 3 business days)

    Tracked $7.20 (Parcel Post up to 3 business days)

    Couriered $10.20 (Next working day)


    If tracking requested tracking number will be provided.



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Ricki Burton

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