The Pink Ray embraces all parts of your Soul which may have fragmented off due to trauma, stress and accidents within your life.  It comforts and reminds you that love of Self is the key, it is our most important and personal responsibility.  


This crystal elixar holds the vibration of pink tourmaline (facilitating your own inner temple of peace, elevation of mood, calming the emotions, releasing old patterns of guilt, worry, anxiety, embracing compassion and gentleness through times of spiritual growth)  and rose quartz (heart warming, Universal love, calm and cool excessive fiery energy such as fear and anger, release of old emotional wounds, healing, emotional heart, harmony, give and receive love in equal measure, focus on self love, trust of the heart).  


A warm embrace of Mother Mary and Kuan Yin radiate their love and compassion through you so you may forgive yourself and have the courage to forgive others too. Once we move and live in our own freedom so too can those around us. Stimulates the emotional body, making you conscious of the whole spectrum of your feelings so emotions may surface to be healed. This elixar is used for bringing healing love and light comfort, grace and peace, to support feeling compassion for yourself and others, being able to live in harmony, balance and unity over fear, judgement anger or separation from the Divine. 


The Pink Ray supports you in feeling the truth of your heart so you may become whole embracing all parts of you. An essence to support grief focusing on healing your inner core and the inner child opening a river of unconditional love to flow through your soul.


Light Language codes and crystalline light structure of self love are infused in the elixar to enable you to see your Self in the reflection of love.


Directions: This Divine Ray crystal elixar is a holisitic healing tool taken internally.

Seven drops of elixar and taken in the morning (sun) and at night (moon).


Three drops can be taken anytime for shock and trauma.


The energetic vibration of crystals, Angels, Ascended Masters, Light Language and Codes are placed into the water. They work through your spiritual, mental, emotional layers and chakras bringing to your awareness anything that is not in balance or aspects you have been avoiding so you can conscioulsy change them and live in more of your true divine self and potential. Surrender and release old energetic thought patterns, emotions, habits and attitudes that no longer serve you.













The Ray of Unconditional Love - The Pink Ray



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